Asian Students' Venture Forum

ASVF is now looking for students with huge passion for business!
Develop your own business idea through Asian Students Venture Forum.
Exchange your ideas with students from various Asian countries, who would definitely share brilliant ideas in new business field. This year, ASVF will held online due to COVID-19 situation which allows our students to be safe and contact-free from any risks.
We all now look forward to meet you in ASVF online!


Asian Student Venture Forum, largest international business start-up contest, which will be held in 2021. It is held by Korea Economic daily and sponsored by KT&G. Students from various Asian countries share their business idea and engage in cultural exchanges by discussing diverse issues. Students with innovative ideas and enthusiasm are highly encouraged to participate.

Venue and cost

  • Online (ZOOM, Vmix, Skype, etc., meeting program)
  • There would be no cost occur to participate.
  • Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, 2021 ASVF would be only held in online condition.


Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Mongolia, Singapore, Uzbekistan (as of 2020)
※ Students from other Asian nations are always welcomed.
※ Country standards are based on Olympics


  • Team made up of 3 ~ 7 students from an Asian country
  • School alliance team is acceptable
    (Alliance within a country only. Alliance from multiple countries are unacceptable)
  • Up to 2 teams per each country are accepted (max. 14 applicants)
  • There are no restrictions on ethnicity
  • Country standards are based on Olympics
  • Applicants must be at least 19 years of age (born in 2002)

How to apply

The application process consists of 3 steps as shown below
and all of them must be completed before the application is considered valid.
※ Submit to:

Step 1. [2021 ASVF Participant prior check: Nov 25th 2020 – Jan 10th 2021]
 - Person in charge of each countries should send us an email with simple reply whether they would be able to join us in 2021 ASVF or not.
 ※ This is just for rough check of total participants, therefore there should be no detailed ideas required for the competition.

Step 2. [Submission of application form / idea (item) summary: Jan 10th 2021 – Jan 15th 2021 (midnight)]
 - The team leader is required to gather application form of all team members and send us in email.
 - Along with the application form, team leader should also attach a summary of the idea (item) which is to be covered in 2021 ASVF.

※ Idea (item) summary (full A4 page length) should include following details:
- Item/idea title
- Target customer (if necessary)
- Idea description
- Inspiration of item/idea
- Expected benefit
- etc.,

Step 3. [Submission of presentation video / PPT slide: Jan 15 th 2021 – Feb 26 th 2021 (midnight)]
 - Team leader should submit video recording of their team item/idea presentation.
 - They should also submit the Power Point materials since the slides are unclear in videos.
(The judges will refer to the PPT slides while watching the video)
※ More details about the video standard requirements are stated below.

Presentation (video) Standard Requirement

File Type :

1) PPT: Microsoft PowerPoint (Prezi not allowed)
* If fonts or images are used, please send us the file as well.
2) Video file should be playable on Windows
Video resolution: 1920*1080
Time limit: 7 minutes

Other requirements :

* Presenter must be shown in the video (Only voice recording on PPT slides are not allowed)
* Both presentation video and PPT material should be in English.
* Subtitles may be included.
* It does not matter whether the presentation is given from memory or use of manuscript.
* A better location does not result in a higher score
Please record the video in a place where the presenter may be seen and heard clearly
* This is not a video competition. High level of video editing does not result in a high score.
There is no need of too much effort in video editing.
* It does not matter whether the video is a single-take or an edited video.

Further Notice

· Entire judging process will be shared with all participants through YouTube live broadcast.
· Before the main competition, meeting will be held with our technical support team for a rehearsal.
(Rehearsal (connection check) will be proceed the day before the main competition to ensure a stable connection throughout the competition. *31st March)
· After viewing the presentation video submitted by the participants, the judges will hold a 10 minutes Q&A session with the participants.
· For Q&A session, we will use a video chat program such as ZOOM, Skype, and Vmix to connect the team leaders with the judges.
· Order of the presentation and Q&A session will be draw selected by organizer and this process will be shared to all participants to see.
· Winners will be notified live via video chat live, and an interview will be conducted after the event.
* The organizer will not be responsible for any interruption in Q&A session due to network instability or absence of team member. So please ensure the use of stable network and reliable equipment.
(Smartphones are not suggested.)


- Platinum Prize (1) : $ 2,000
- Gold Prize(1) : $ 1,500
- Silver Prize(1) : $ 1,000
- Bronze Prize(3) : $ 500
- Special Prize(1) : Special gifts

Judging criteria

· Idea creativity and innovation: 20%
· Marketability of idea: 20%
· Concept feasibility: 20%
· Idea completion (content specificity): 20%
· Economic value of idea and effectiveness of market impact: 20%

Important Notes

· Schedule and details above may be changed by the organizer.
· All the schedules announced are based on Korea standard time.
· Each team should thoroughly follow the instructions of the organizer during the event. Any issues arising from not following instruction will not be solved by the organizer.


· E-mail:
· We chat: xianzhi7757
· Line: kimhyunji7757
· Kakao talk:

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